about 100 beginnings

100 beginnings

Secret systems.  Finding a score for the day.  A method or process for negotiating through the interactions of today, both life and movement studies.   There is no specific end goal, although I imagine it is possible one might emerge as this improvisation plays itself out.  It is a means through which to keep moving and to allow space for discoveries and questions to reveal themselves.  A daily practice and a form to follow over a period of time.  Enough looseness to leave space for life and art to shift and change; and enough structure to be able to track and follow the experience of living and of making art. 

For 100 days I will commit to a time each morning to reflect, consider and devise a lens through which I will move through the day; 100 different ways to begin.

Things to consider in each morning entry are the parameters of the score.  The possibilities and concerns each new score perpetuates. The inspirations that were drawn on or initiated the methods or processes being used.  

Things to consider in evening reflections are the discoveries and observations about these explorations.

Rules to follow:  Be honest and genuine.  Be real and be present at each moment of action and reflection. Be active in how these scores are realized.  

Reminders to myself…

Remain open.
Take risks.
Pause to find genuine. 
Uncover the joy in it.
Break my own rules.


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